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Hi, Welcome!

This website is a collection of all the science stuff I know. Feel free to look around and check it out!

Stuff I've just added!

Check out the blog, gravitational waves page, my FAQ, and my book recommendations page.

Stuff I'm going to add

At the moment I have the beginning of an introduction to gravitational waves, an FAQ, an the beginning of a blog, but check back soon for:

If you want to check out the subjects I'm talking about, I always cite my sources. If you spot an error, let me know! I'm all about learning new things.

(Also, my HTML skills are not great. I'm still learning! So the site isn't going to be wonderfully put together. If you notice a missing link or something similar, let me know! I also have no graphical design skills (my sister is an artist, so that's a professional opinion :D) so the style is ... uh ... well, you've seen it.)